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Re: Cheapbytes mess-up debian [FW: Debian 2.0 CD's]

I am wondering, which access method you use. I am not very happy with their 
CDs too. I can use it only reasonably, if I use mountable and give the 
explicit paths, just giving the distribution path like in their 1.3.1 CDs does 
not work any more.

Currenly, I think of solving this problem by symbolic links, but if this is 
the only reasonable solution, I can noboy recommend to use CheapBytes CDs.

You wrote:

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Edward Betts wrote:

> This was posted to a differnet mailing list I am on, has it been noted before?
> Is it of any interest?

While the CheapBytes layout is different than the archive, there is
nothing wrong with it. It has all the components and can be installed with
dselect, boots properly, etc...

The autoup.sh script is also broken on the Official CD, so CheapBytes
didn't do anything different there either. They have also been very
helpful in providing a "fixed" version of autoup.sh to their customers.

Rainer Dorsch
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