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Re: force e2fsck @ reboot

Elie Rosenblum wrote:
> >     fsck -R -A -f -y -p
> I don't think you'd want to use -f, but if you set FSCKFIX to yes in
> /etc/default/rcS and change fix="-y" to fix="-yp" in checkfs.sh, it

MiquelS: Are you reading this?

> should do what you want. -yp should probably be the default if FSCKFIX
> is set to yes, I'd say, but that's up to the maintainer.

This would be another solution which is more difficult but would also
satisfy my needs.

> The only way to force a reboot is reboot -f.
> Be very careful with it. It doesn't touch init in any way, nor does it
> flush the filesystems or touch them in any way - it just reboots.

That's the only thing which could have prevented me driving to the machine
room at night...  Like I said, the ext2fs did crash and even sync hung so
init would hang, too.



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