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Re: Intent to create ACE toolkit package


> | Assuming I am accepted as a Debian developer, my first project will be to
> | package the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) toolkit/library.
> Will you do TAO too?

I had planned on packaging TAO, too.  Should I send an "Intent to create
TAO" message, too?  I sort of assumed that packaging ACE implied packaging

I hope that packaging ACE won't be such a "daunting task," as Caleb sayed.
It shouldn't be too bad, I hope :), since I've got over 400 Debian
developer's to ask for help if I need it.  Also, I am on Doug Schmidt's
internal "DOC" group mailing list since he thought that it would help with
my ACE Configuration Project efforts.  That should help, too.

By the way, do I need to e-mail wnpp@debian.org about my intentions?


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