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Re: [RFC] Exim as standard Debian MTA?

On Wed, 26 August 1998 22:16:47 +0000, Joseph Carter wrote:
> It was generally agreed to start moving to exim, but it was decided then
> that we should wait and see what vmailer has to offer.  I'm still using the
> hamm exim because last I tried the slink version it was a big mess.

I'd be interested in what actually was a mess. How?

> I would potentially because of the problems with the 2.0x versions of exim
> being a little flakey at least here and I've been told other places as well.

I'm running it in production mode since the 1.9x (early beta for 2.0x)
and since that release the bugfixes were minor ones.

I can't think of any way it failed for me and I didn't apply one
patch. It was 1.81, 1.91 and 2.02 I compiled (on one server) and on
the other one (running Debian) I just took the Debian package from


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