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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

> >     "Do you have the latest release?"  (2.0r2/2.0.2)
> > 
> >     "Yes!" (2.0)
> > 
> >     What part of that is not lying?
> Only the part in parentheses ;-)
> In the above example the customer asked for the latest release, not the
> latest revision. The latest release IS 2.0. (and currently there are no
> revisions, although there is one planned)

Let me add a factoid here.  I installed 2.0 from an official CD.
Yesterday, I used apt-get to upgrade my installed packages (540MB of stuff)
to stable-updates.  It downloaded 6MB (including a new version of XFree
that I didn't really need).  I don't consider that upgrade a major new
release, and I'm still content installing Debian on another PC using the
same 2.0 CD.
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