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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

Interesting... If they can sell a single CDR for $4, is $8 really too
much for the 2 disk distribution?  We'd have at least one vendor who
could 'keep up.'  I'd guess that we might be able to get at least one
other to 'work with us' at or near that price point.

With the above idea we could go back to x.x.x instead of x.x rx  What
are other's thoughts?

Thanx -- Greg.

Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> At least one CD vendor (LSL) is now shipping Debian on CDR to overcome
> the 'dead stock' problem.  They charge double for the CDR's over the
> 'silver' disks (but still cheap at $3.95 US).
>   I recall that in the past cheapbytes pressed an 'update' cd for
> 1.3.1 that, together with an older disk which otherwise would have
> been deadstock, comprised a current snapshot.  I guess that the
> differences between 2.0 and 2.0.whatevercomesnext would not fit on a
> single floppy, but could be burned on a CDR (for about the same price
> as a floppy considering labor).  Consideration should be made for
> update images which 'patch' an older CD image thus avoiding the dead
> stock issue.
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