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Re: Intent to package wmifs

>>>>> "Ruud" == Ruud de Rooij <r.c.m.derooij@twi.tudelft.nl> writes:

    Ruud> On 1998/08/25, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

    Ben> This is my announcement of intention to package 'wmifs', a
    Ben> ethernet/ppp/ token ring/you have it Dock application for
    Ben> Window Maker. It watches your load and displays lights
    Ben> showing the activity on the given interface.
    Ben> wmifs's home page is:
    Ben> http://windowmaker.mezaway.org/wmifs.html

    Ruud> Is that the same wmifs as included in the package wmppp.app,
    Ruud> or is this a different one?

    Ruud> $ dpkg -S wmifs wmppp.app:
    Ruud> /usr/doc/wmppp.app/examples/sample.wmifsrc wmppp.app:
    Ruud> /usr/X11R6/bin/wmifs wmppp.app:
    Ruud> /usr/X11R6/man/man7/wmifs.7x.gz

Ahh, it's recently been split off of the wmppp package upstream, and I
didn't realize that. :)

Should I let the maintainer do the split himself? 


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