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Re: Linux distribution HOWTO

On Mon, Aug 24, 1998 at 02:45:20PM -0500, john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Javi writes:
> > The Linux Distribution HOWTO (latest version in
> > http://sunsite.unc.edu/mdw/HOWTO/ ) states some facts about Debian, it is
> > quite uptodate (last updated August the 13th) but it is mistaken in the
> > number of packages of Debian, as well as current maintainers.
> I will email Eric about this.
> Does anyone know offhand ow many developers and packages do we have right
> now?  I know there are 1500+ packages in 2.0, but how many new ones are in
> unstable?

'Debian' does not include non-free, so this is not accurate, but:

@heorot [~] $ grep -c ^Package: /var/lib/dpkg/available

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