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Intent to package tcpview


I intent to package tcpview. If someone is working 
at it, used it or knows a newer version than 1.0
please send me a mail.  ;)
(I have found it by using archie and downloading
it just somewhere)

Tcpview is a graphical frontend to tcpdump and 
possibly some more. I have only a somehow messy
.tar.Z archive with tcpview 1.0 in it, but
contacted the author and are looking for a 
home www- or ftp-site.


  Florian Hinzmann               f.hinzmann@public.uni-hamburg.de
                                 fh@dipa.de, fh@debian.org
NEW PGP-Key fingerprint: DD 61 74 34 04 FB 8A BD  43 54 83 38 0C 82 EF B1

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