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Re: Status of Debian on the PowerMacs?

On 20 Aug 1998, Rob Browning wrote:

> I've got a friend who's finally going to get around to trying out
> Linux, and the machine he's got available is a 7500 with RedHat
> installed.  I'd like for him to get started with Debian, and I'm
> willing to go to some trouble to get the machine converted over.
> I wanted to check with the relevant people, though, to see how much
> trouble this was likely to be, and where I need to start.  What pieces
> do we still lack?
> Dan "drow <drow@mars.abcinternet.net>" had spoken to me a while back
> about this, but mail to this address bounces now.

The chap I expect you mean is drow@false.org (Dan Jacobowitz (sp?)).

Anyway, did you try debian-powerpc list?  They're the people to ask.

Also check out http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc


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