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Setting up anonymous CVS access?

I would like to set up anonymous CVS access to a source tree on a
Debian-2.0 machine.  I have installed the most recent Debian cvs
package (cvs-1.9.29-1) and run /usr/sbin/cvsconfig indicating that I
want a pserver to be run and where the repository is located.

I understand that now I should add a "passwd" file to CVSROOT and
probably also add a "readers" file where I list whatever login I
choose for anonymous access.  A couple of questions are:
 - what is the usual name of the login for anonymous access? "cvs", "anoncvs", ?
 - once that name is chosen, how is the password or lack of password
   represented in the CVSROOT/passwd file?  Do I add a line like
   to the file?  This doesn't seem to be explained in the documentation.

Thanks for any assistance.

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