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All of uu.net about to be banned.

In the last 3 weeks, the debian lists and their subscribers have been attacked 
by spammer(s) from uu.net.  Since the time I started handling spam for Debian, 
uu.net comprised about one third of the spam that Debian has gotten, but 
lately it has been darn close to 100%.  This is too much, IMO, and I believe a 
block of all incoming mail going through debian.org servers is necessary.  It 
will be implemented shortly.

I understand that uu.net is a huge provider.  and many large ISP's use their 
pop's (dial-in locations) for their service.  You have to understand that I am 
only blocking mail sent directly from uu.net dynamic IP addresses and stuff 
sent through relay*.uu.net.  Relay*.uu.net is being blocked because way too 
much spam is going through those servers from the same uu.net spammers that 
sometimes inject spam directly.  

This block only affects you if you are using uu.net dial-in (your dynamic IP 
resolves to something.uu.net), _and_ you configured your mail software to send 
out mail directly instead of forwarding everything to a smarthost (your 
provider's mail server).  The block also affects you if you use relay*.uu.net 
servers as your smarthost.  I understand this is not the case for almost 

If you are one of those affected, you'll have to change your configuration to 
forward all mail through your provider's smarthost, or change providers.  
Remember, this only affects mail you send _to_ the lists, or any of the 
debian.org addresses, but does not affect the mail that you receive _from_ 
debian lists.

Please contact me if you have any questions, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Proudly running Debian Linux! Linux vs. Windows is a no-Win situation....
Igor Grobman           igor@debian.org                 igor@igoria.net 

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