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Re: "goals" for slink: FHS

> Someone else (I forget who) suggested symlinks /usr/share/man -> ../../man
> /usr/share/info -> ../../info and /usr/share/doc -> ../../doc
> That's probably a better way of doing this.

I think the best was is to make programs look in both places.

I think doing symlinks this way will cause a lot of problems.  Here's an
example:  I symlink /usr/share/doc -> /usr/doc.  I install numerous packages
that istall into /usr/share/doc/*.  If I then make /usr/share/doc a real
directory, all the doc files still exist under /usr/doc/* and will never
get removed by dpkg since it will try to remove /usr/share/doc/*.

> > It's my opinion that as long as man and info understand to look in both
> > directories, it doesn't matter all that much that the content is split
> > between them for the transition.
> And what if your opinion is incorrect?

Opinions are never incorrect.  That's why they are "opinions".

> I seem to recall that there are other programs which deal with these
> areas.  tkman comes to mind.  And doesn't tcsh have some features which
> require it look for docs?

They also need to be modified to look in /usr/share/*.  If they can be
modified to look in both positions, that's great, but at the very least
they need to be made compliant.

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