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Re: Intent to package (lgrind)

On Thu, Aug 06, 1998 at 11:48:12PM +0800, Darke de Loup wrote:
> due to its apparent lack from both Hamm and Slink, and its great use to
> myself (and i would assume others) I intend to package lgrind ('grinds'
> source code into LaTeX processable form).

Please make sure the license allows you to make a package of it. Last time I
looked at it, it had something like this in its license terms:
 * Derivatives of this program and the LGrind package (including, but not
 * restricted to, the documentation) may only be produced after agreement
 * with the author. This notice will remain here until I give up the main-
 * tenance of the package.
which means we cannot package it at all (Debian doesn't sign this type of
license agreement).

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