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Re: Simple calculator

Joey Hess wrote:
> I just use bc:
> joey@kite:~/lab>which calc
> calc () {
> 	echo $* | bc -l
> }

That one´s really nice. However, bc cannot do sin(1), can it?

Rob Browning wrote:

>Seriously, if I were you, I'd probably use bc or dc with a suitable
>wrapper for command line stuff.  Though in reality, *I* usually just
>do something like this:
>  $ guile -c "(display (/ 20 13))"
>  1.53846153846154
>  $

Uuh, polish notation? Not my thing I´m afraid.

John Lapeyre wrote:

>homey 3 > perl -e 'print 20/13,"\n"'
>        Yours is 30 characters , mine is 26. nyahhh...

But perl has way too much footprint. For this simple calculation starting a
500KB file seems to much to me.

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