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Re: DES encryption

>>>>> "Ray" == jdassen  <jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> writes:
    Ray> Yes. I still haven't seen estimates how/if this seriously
    Ray> affects the security of triple DES. Plain DES has outlived
    Ray> it's usefulness. Even the US government seems to be aware of
    Ray> this, as on of their agencies has requested submissions for a
    Ray> new shared key cipher standard. Submissions include "twofish"
    Ray> (by Bruce Shneier; I assume it's along blowfish's lines) and
    Ray> "RC6" by Rivest.

In theory it doesn't.  The major issue with DES has always been the
size of it's keyspace.

Two fish and RC6 are extensions to Blowfish and RC5 respectively.
There are also a number of other algorithms under review for the AES.

As for the U.S. Government, reading the new EFF/O'Reilys book on the
DES cracker EFF built may change your opinion of what the U.S. gov't
does or doesn't want.

    Ray> Does anyone know if/when GPG will support towfish and RC6?

I presume it's just a Small Matter Of Programming (tm).

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