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Re: WOW! See World Record Sex!!!

On Thu, Aug 06, 1998 at 08:41:08PM +1000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> > I'm part of *.da.uu.net, just so you realize.  Earthlink is the best ISP
> > available in this town.
> Just so that you know, my site blocks the whole earthlink.net domain since
> they've been spammers all alone.  BTW, don't bother replying to this message :)

2 years ago when I was a teleport user, such was the case.  At the time,
earthlink had no real AUP other than "no illegal activities" and that was
more implicit than anything.  They had ONE postmaster, and I annoyed the
hell out of oreo with complaints, one for each spam I got from them.

Today, earthlink has an antispam policy.  Doesn't mean they have no
spammers, but I'm personally responsible for reporting 5 in as many months
and all of them have had their accounts terminated for AUP violation.

Earthlink is not on the RBL.  Wouldn't they be if they were still spammer
friendly?  Don't believe me?  Look up my IP address:

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