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Re: what options do we have was Re: POSIX shell\; bash ash pdksh \& /bin/sh

> Remember Manoj's voice: Be strict in what you output, but not so strict
> about the things you accept.

There is not a one-dimensional continuum between compliance and tolerance.
I note that Manoj is very fond of things behaving in the way to which he
is accustomed.  If I have a script which breaks in response to a certain
condition under POSIX, and it fails to break under bash, then bash is
broken in its POSIX emulation.

If my MUA assumes that high-bit characters in a message with
Content-type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" are iso-8859-1
and displays them as such, it as broken as the MUA used to
send it--even if the characters are ISO 8859-1, but especially
if they are Chinese BIG5.  Maybe it's more convenient to make
such an assumption, based on statistical probability of
what character set is being used in one's social environment,
but I think it's ignorant and broken.  

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