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Re: pdksh -> posixness?

rdm@test.legislate.com (Raul Miller)  wrote on 02.08.98 in <19980802150412.40748@test.legislate.com>:

> Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> wrote:
> > Nope, but Unix98 (or at least large parts of it, including /bin/sh
> > behaviour) is.
> >
> > <a href="http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/7908799/toc.htm";>The Single
> > UNIX Specification, Version 2</a>
> Oddly enough, the word search mechanism doesn't provide any hits
> on "bin".  [Or, at least, not when doing an exact word search.
> I didn't elect to wade through the results of doing a search
> for words bingining with those three letters.]

I never tried the word search; it's usually easy enough to just go down  
from the main contents page - though I do that with my local copy (from  
CD, but it _is_ downloadable).

In any case, the title of the page with the grammar is "Shell Command  
Language", and it's local name is .../xcu/chap2.html (and lynx says that  
is 94 screens full of text). I don't know where the root for this  
hierarchy is on the web.

MfG Kai

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