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Re: iproute package


Sorry for the delay... I've just uploaded the package to master,
but feel free to take it (and fix my quick and dirty patches :) if
you want to maintain it (other way I'll do) or merge with netbase.

On Thursday, July 30 1998, at 16:23:53, Joel Klecker wrote:
: At 11:34 -0700 1998-07-30, Roberto Lumbreras wrote:
: >I'd like to know if someone is working on the iproute package.
: I said I'd adopt it, but I haven't done much with it so far. If you want
: it, be my guest.
: >After a lot of #including, I'd just managed to get it compiled in
: >my hamm/i386, and it seems to work ok, so I can package it and
: >upload to slink with little effort, if nobody objects. Anyway,
: >maybe there is someone more expert than me in this kind of stuff
: >that wants to maintain it.  Or maybe this package should be merged
: >with netbase?
: I think it does belong in netbase.

I agree, but maybe route is enough for the normal use and netbase
maintainer doesn't want to put it in the base system...

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