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Re: Intent to Package: Time Tracker (titrax)

Darren Benham <gecko@debian.org> writes:
> Unless the author objects, I will package titrax for debian distribution.

It's already been done...

Package: titrax
Priority: optional
Section: misc
Installed-Size: 82
Maintainer: Heiko Schlittermann <heiko@lotte.sax.de>
Architecture: i386
Version: 1.98.1-1
Depends: libc6, xlib6g (>= 3.3-5)
Filename: dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/misc/titrax_1.98.1-1.deb
Size: 27540
MD5sum: 4e3fbfefbc6df3571cd70ea97ffc53cd
Description: TimeTracker is an program to keep track of time.
 It puts up a list of projects, and the number of minutes worked on each.
 You click on the project you want to work on, and it starts counting on that.
 At the end of the day, it saves the collected data in a file, and you can
 use a script to process the data. "sumtitra" is one possible such script.


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