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Re: Archive Restructuring -- The dists/ Hierarchy

On Mon, Aug 03, 1998 at 04:06:49AM -0400, Adam P. Harris wrote:
> * Would it be feasible to yank packages out of pre-release, supposing
>   no other prereleasee package depends on it, and it has had a
>   release-critical bug for >= 1 week ?  This might reduce load on the
>   archive maintainers.

I really think this should be an issue for the maintainer to deal with.  You
don't want to go yanking packages out automatically just in case you yank
something important.

> * BTW, I consider the additional effort that will be required by
>   archive maintainers in your proposal, assuming I understand it, as
>   one of the biggest flaws in it.

Some of that should be automated.  Most of it actually.

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