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Re: Debian & Java

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Reavis <preavis@partnersoft.com> writes:

    >> I thought I remembered seeing someone talking about a mailing
    >> list to discuss Debian and Java issues.  However there is no
    >> such list listed on the mailing list archives page at
    >> www.debian.org.  Is there a list?

    Paul> No list I know of. I am maintaining a page (down at the
    Paul> moment; up again in the next few days;
    Paul> http://www.worldofbeverage.net/) about debian-jdk issues,
    Paul> and of course there are the Debian JDK packagers/developers.

debian-java@lists.debian.org.  Subscribe using the usual -request
address.  It's a very quiet list though! :)

    >> I am doing some Java development and I am dealing with a few
    >> issues.  Is someone working on policy for how Java apps and
    >> libraries get installed in Debian (e.g. how would a library add
    >> to a global classpath so that one can use it)?

    Paul> No, but I have some very nice scripties that I wrote to
    Paul> handle just that issue. I'm hoping to package up something
    Paul> this month; currently code-named lava (pending checking for
    Paul> name conflicts with other packages).

[scheme snipped]

The whole issue of java within the debian environment has been left to
fall through the cracks.  I haven't driven any of it nor has the kaffe
maintainer (Jim Pick ?).

    Paul> In any case, I volunteer to help with a Debian-Java
    Paul> standardization effort.

    >> Is anyone contemplating packaging Swing?

I've been pondering doing so.

Stephen (jdk maintainer)
Linux - the Frodo Baggins of Computing.

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