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PCMCIA - Partial "never mind"

 Ok, I just figured out the trouble.  There's a dialog during network
 configuration that presents a list of interfaces to use for the net.
 Way at the bottom, only visible if you scroll down, is PCMCIA.
 Ta-Da...  It works.  When I rebooted, card services was started, it
 bleep-beeped, and I have a working network connection.

 I will close the bug myself, if the system will let me, as soon as it
 sends me the ticket number.

 There is, however still a bug.

 After setting the root password, and making a user account for
 myself, then turning on shadows, it tells me that:

  It seems your system doesn't need PCMCIA.  It was installed with the
  rest of the kernel.  I will remove it now.

  Shall I remove the pcmcia packages? [Y/n] _

 ... whooops.  That's not right.  Can't it make a note to itself that
 I'd configured PCMCIA from `dinstall'?  Doh...  yet another
 oversight.  Shall I make a bug ticket?  To whom should it be
 addressed, please?

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