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kernel encryption patches and tools

maybe someone wants to talk to this guy and help him ?
would be great if debian had a kernel-non-us package,
and packages of all related tools for cipe, skip and all other stuff...


Alexander Kjeldaas <astor@guardian.no> wrote in article
<19980803103557.41513@lucifer.guardian.no> on linux-kernel :
>On Mon, Aug 03, 1998 at 12:12:55AM -0700, Max Inux wrote:
>> This is true, however a cipe like patch could be available and kept fairly
>> upto-date, where as cipe has much potential but no one working on it, and
>> it does not _easily_ intigrate with the kernel,  as in the source.
>> Currently there are many different approaches to encrypted ip tunneling,
>> two noteable ones are skey and cipe.  I was just pointing out that this is
>> a widely liked idea, and hell, solaris has it, why shouldn't we?
>I've been thinking about this lately.  There are beginning to be quite
>some crypto-patches to the kernel and to be more accessible and reduce
>bloat (not duplicating DES 5 times), I think an up-to-date
>"international version" of linux is needed, and a team to maintain it.
>When users can download a single patch to get tcfs, IPsec,
>loop-crypto, EnSKIP, and CIPE, I think the userbase for these patches
>could grow tremendously.  As a result of more beta-testers, the
>quality will improve.  It is important that the quality of the
>crypto-patches is as good as the rest of the kernel.  It is also
>important that these patches don't step on each others feet and that
>it is possible to use them all at the same time.
>The important part of this is to get the infrastructure right.  A
>patch distributed "together" with the normal kernel would be immensely
>more useful than an obscure patch distributed from some far-away
>place.  What I was thinking was to make a primary international site
>that mirrors ftp.kernel.org an "overlays" a patch-crypto-x.y.z.gz file
>in the v2.{0,1} catalogs.  This is not a new idea, but similar to the
>way glibc distributes glibc-crypt "separately".  If the infrastructure
>is right, it would be a no-brainer for international sites to switch
>from mirroring ftp.kernel.org to mirroring the international site.
>I'd like to hear some feedback on this.  If there is positive
>interest, I'll use some time to make this happen.
> Alexander Kjeldaas, Guardian Networks AS, Trondheim, Norway
> http://www.guardian.no/
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