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warning: bug#25261 in xfstt (upload last night)

I just replied to a bug report about xfstt which I uploaded last night and
wanted to put out a quick warning just so noone else gets burned by it.
(btw if your not installing packages from unstable you have
no need to worry)

As of this version /etc/init.d/xfstt is now a conffile...
I added a test to it to make sure it wasn't starting new instances
of xfstt if called with start 2 times...
unfortunaly I am more used to C than shell scripts and I typoed it.

This is a minor typo but it stops the script form working. th etypoe was
an "exit (0)" which doesn't work (whereas "exit 0" does) I know this is
simple fo ranyone who knows shell script to fix but...for those that don;t
I just wanted to warn everyone xfstt_0.9.9-3 has a broken 
init.d script (even tho the new script fixes 2 other bugs...
one of which was mentioned on the list today..and had been previously 
reported in the BTS)

I have already built the i386 deb of a corrected xfstt_0.9.9-4 and am
now building the sparc version. I will be uploading as soon as this is done
and they should be in incomming very soon.

I apreciate your patiendce and understanding in this matter...it
really was a bone-head mistake on my part 


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-- Oscar Wilde

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