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Re: what options do we have was Re: POSIX shell\; bash ash pdksh \& /bin/sh

>>"Clint" == Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> writes:

 >> Our policy only governs Debian scripts. We should also be
 >> tolerant of non-debian scripts, and they do not come under the
 >> purview of Debian policy.
 >> We generally try to be nice to our users. We do not
 >> gratuitously and sudeenly start breaking scripts on their machine. We
 >> already have a stereotype to combat.

 Clint> If we are truly aiming for POSIX compliance, then any
 Clint> third-party script that assumes /bin/sh is bash is as broken
 Clint> as any Debian script which does so.

	Oh, wonderful. Yes, it is broken. But just like all the
 popular browsers out there, we should try and accept broken scripts
 too. It is one thing to mandate Dwebian scripts be POSIXly correct;
 it is another to stop /bin/sh dead in its tracks for any infraction. 

	If this were not reason enough, backward comnpatibility is
 another. Any distribution that throws away backwards compatibility
 and holds it to such low regards is technically  poor. 

	Debian policy does not extend to user and thrid party software.

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