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Re: bo-contrib, bo-non-free

> Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> > 
> > What happend to the contrib and the non-free part of bo? I cannot find it any 
> > more on ftp.debian.org.
> They were removed since they were some sort of part of bo.  Hamm is
> now stable so there is only minimal need for bo.  There are still two
> ftp servers that carry bo: http://www.debian.org/~joey/links.html

Thanks for immediate reply/followup. In my opinion, bo was removed much to 
fast! We have some servers running here with bo. We will upgrade them. But it 
is not done with runnung autoup.sh. We would like to upgrade them, when we 
have time to do this and when they are not heavily in use.

Why do we have the Debian announce list? Would this not have been worth a post 
there? We could have made our own CDs before they were removed.

Thanks Joey for still having bo.

Maybe it is still worth to warn on the announce list, that people running bo 
systems will destroy their system, if they do not change the access method (or 
is this incorporated in dpkg?).

Rainer Dorsch
Abt. Rechnerarchitektur  e-mail:rainer.dorsch@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Uni Stuttgart            Tel.: 0711-7816-215

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