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> James A. Treacy <treacy@debian.org> wrote:
> > The one proviso is that we should also require vendors to sign a
> > contract if they don't use the official images we create.
> We *can't* make this requirement.  DFSG says that anyone can make copies,
> and this certainly would apply to unofficial copies.
Yes we can. You may copyright a collection if it is not obvious (like a phonebook).
We are not limiting distribution of the underlying pieces, just the whole.

> Also, we have no structures in place for certification of vendors'
> products.  [And this sounds like it's heading in the direction of a
> for-profit activity.  If so, it shouldn't be done under the aegis of SPI.]
Who said anything about certifying vendors products. If they use our scripts,
then it is good enough. This allows for more than the current system. The scripts
simply need to written to make sure that certain rules are followed.

If we want to keep the term Official Debian exclusively for CD sets that are
completely DFSG free, then that is fine. Ignoring idealism, limiting liability
may be sufficient reason for doing this.

Jay Treacy

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