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Re: tech proposal to make manoj somewhat happy.

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Steve Shorter:
> 	In short, the current man | less schema for viewing documentation is
> preferable because it is simpler. I hope that it will always be available for
> those who prefer it. Other than that I also like GNU info. I don't think that
> system documentation is well served by "web technology".

This was already discussed extensively back when we decided to standardize
on HTML as the common documentation format. The point being, we want to
provide a single interface to all on-line documentation, and the only
workable thing is HTML, it being the only format that has converters
from just about everything else. However, we cannot force everyone to
read everything through an HTML browser, so we fully and exitedly support
all the various formats in which documentation has already been written:
manual pages, Texinfo/Info, TeX/LaTeX, plain text files, and so on.

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