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Archive Restructuring - Introduction

Hello world,

Well, I'd intended to get this out some time ago, but life and time
managed to get in the way as it tends to. Anyway, with the release of
hamm this morning (local time), it seemed like an opportune time to
think about this topic some more.


A little while ago, there was a discussion on this list about how
to better organise our releases to avoid some of the problems we've
had with hamm's release. [0]

In any case, a number of good ideas were thrown up, and eventually it
got to the point where the consensus was that it was probably approrpiate
for a proposal to be made indicating what exactly we thought should

I was feeling like a lucky punk at the time, so I decided to have a go,
and mailed a first draft to most of the people who'd been participating
in the thread, and some discussion ensued to refine some of the ideas
before releasing it to the melee that is -devel.

These are archived for your reading pleasure at:

I'll be posting summaries of the above (in the form of a complete proposal)
in the next 24 hours or so, so it might be worthwhile to wait for that before
posting comments.


[0] Raul Miller posted a list of some of the articles he thought were
    particularly interesting, archived at:


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