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Re: Debian i386 freeze

> John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.Arizona.EDU> wrote:
> > 	I still don't see why KDE can't go in contrib, it doesn't contain
> > non-free code, just relies on it.
> That's because you've not read the license.
> By the way, if the license says you can only distribute the software
> to someone who is the licensed owner of an elephant, it wouldn't matter
> whether or not the elephant was linked into the binary.  That's not the
> case here, but it serves to illustrate an underlying point: copyright
> law is not written to reflect the mechanics of the software build process.


Nice example :-)

I had a brief moment of moderation earlier on, but GPL clause 7 (as pointed
out by Michael Bramer) has convinced me that we shouldn't have KDE binaries
available on CD or via ftp, until they deal with their licence silliness.

Cheers, Phil.

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