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Re: Upcoming Debian 2.0 Release

On Thu, Jul 16, 1998 at 11:52:20AM -0400, Brian White wrote:
: > wu-ftpd-academ 24466 netstd: Upgrading netstd overrides wu-ftpd-academ
: >                entry in inetd.conf [0] (Heiko Schlittermann)
: > 
: > A similar bug is recorded against proftpd (17514), but isn't marked as
: > release-critical.  If netstd still does this, and this is Important, I
: > doubt any ftp server would make it into hamm.  :-)
: I don't have a problem downgrading the severity.  I thought about doing
: just that myself, but decided that it was better left alone.  Of course,
: at that time I was planning on just removing it.  People have since
: requested that it stay in Hamm and provided good reasons.

Will be fixed within the next two days or nights.

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