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Re: Bug reporting proceedure, was Re: Bug#24066: libc6: rsh segfaults as , a result of new libc 2.0.7r2

On 15 Jul 1998, John Goerzen wrote:

> Remco Blaakmeer <remco@Cal011205.student.utwente.nl> writes:
> > Currently, nags are sent automatically to developers of packages that have
> > old bugs, IIRC. Could this mechanism be extended to also send the
> > submitter a message, asking him/her to try to reproduce the bug with the
> > latest version of the package? This could even be used to flag bug reports
> > as "submitter has gone missing" or something like that.
> NO!  Let's not annoy bug submitters!

But annoying developers is just fine ;-)

(I hate the nags)

> Sometimes the maintainer may have dropped the ball.  Not the
> submitter's fault.  Sometimes there is no easy fix.  Not the
> submitter's fault.  For whatever reason -- the delay is probably not
> the submitter's fault and sending automated e-mail to them is BAD.
> Period.

In any case, if the bug is over 6 months old, the likelyhood that the
email address of the reporter is still valid is decreasingly small.

When I try to get respondents to tell me whether the bug is still present
in the current version, the most often reply is a bounced message.

> I do not want to get any more mail than I already do, especially if
> it's not my problem.

You would report a bug that was not a problem for you? I report bugs
because they are a problem. While I hope that their repair will help more
folks than myself, it is my needs that prompt the bug report. Why
shouldn't I hold some responsibility for having reported the bug?


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