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errors in install.txt for Debian 2.0

I have just been reading the file install.txt in preparation for
installing Debian 2.0 on a new machine. I have noticed a few errors, which
I thought I should report.

1. There are numerous places where references to other parts of the
document are missing. Only ``'' appears. For example, lines 34 to 36 say

  If your computer is connected to the Internet via PPP or an equivalent
  dialup connection, please see ``'' below for information on setting up
  PPP under Debian.

Line 348 says "See ``'' below for details" and so on. I suspect that a
program that converts from html or something else to text is making a

2. Line 859 says

      dd if=resc1440.bin of=dev/fd0 bs=512 conv=sync ; sync

Note the missing /. It should be /dev/fd0. This could cause some confusion
to a new user.

3. In several places, beginning on line 792, there are references to 6
base floppies (7 for the 1.2 MB versions). However, the disks-i386
directory only contains 5 (6 for the 1.2 MB versions). I don't think there
are any files missing, because disk number 5 contains a bit less than the
others.  I think this is just an error in install.txt.

Finally, and this is off topic (sorry), does it still take forever to copy
the contents of the base floppies from RAM to the hard disk? Several
months ago, I attempted unsuccessfully to install a much earlier version
of hamm on an old 486/33.  This step, which took only a minute or so when
installing Debian 1.3, took a very long time, so long that I thought the
machine had crashed. I hope this was a bug that has been fixed.

James G. MacKinnon                       Department of Economics
    phone: 613 545-2293                  Queen's University
      Fax: 613 545-2257                  Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Email: jgm@qed.econ.queensu.ca       K7L 3N6

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