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Bug#23913: unable to reproduce

Related to a bug report for sox

Wichert Ackermann wrote:
>Neither I or anyone else on #debian can reproduce this bug. I'm
>guessing you have some weird audiofiles or something else is
>wrong on your side.

>I'm downgrading this bug so it won'y hold the release of hamm

This bug is (was) related to the "slink" version of sox. 
Although it was fixed I left it there as a reminder that something´s wrong with the new version of
sox.(That means the new upstream version). Anyway, it´s closed now, but others are to come,
until I have time to excessively test the new sox version on slink.

I´m sending this to devel too, because a bug in a unstable version of the distribution should not
hold back the release of the frozen version ...... 
Probably a reference to the distribution should be included ?


(hope anybody can read this, as I´m trapped into Microsoft NT and I dont know if this Mailer will send ASCII)

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