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Re: Soft we should probably have: maxwell

David Welton spoke thusly:
> I'm curious to see what they will do about Qt vs GTK, if they will
> provide a 'front end' mechanism, or will pick one.  If they do go with
> the open source solution, it would be nice to help them out.

They seem happy w/ Motif.  I see no problems with moving this over to
Lesstif.  Lesstif is a good tollkit.  Not everything has to be a gtk
app.  I have looked at the source.  I stopeed because it used csh for
the makefiles and I did not have the time to re-write them.  Once they
are moved to a sh shell, I will gladly try and parcel some time to the
project.  We need a good, free word processor.  And lesstif gets better
all the time.  Another app using it would only help.

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