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Re: Soft we should probably have: maxwell

> You left off the other fun problem.  It uses csh in its makefiles. 
> Since I do not have csh I could not even build it.  We need to contact
> them and inform them that csh is not suggested for portable makefiles. 
> I was going to fight my way thru a lesstif compile.  But I am not about
> to re-write all their makefiles first.

Well, I do have csh so it was not a problem :)
I got around their using "cc" by setting environment variable CC to g++
and the thing started compiling...
Meanwhile I found some errors in standard header files for png and tiff,
but that's not all. I still cannot compile it. egcs just don't like the code
and keeps giving me "internal compiler errors" for some innocent
inline function... 

I tried hacking it away, but to no avail...

This code needs a *lot* of work.

Alex Y.
 _( )_
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