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Re: Intention to package: FreeAMP

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> writes:

    >>> Everything's GPLed. It's in a very preliminary state, so it's
    >>> just text/console for now.
    >> Cool!  Another non-free package to throw away.  Thanks!!

    Joel> Not so fast, MPEG 1 Layer III audio uses a patent-encumbered
    Joel> algorithim.

    Joel> <URL:http://www.mpeg.org/~tristan/MPEG/mp3-licensing.html>
    Joel> <URL:http://www.mpeg.org/~tristan/MPEG/mp3-licensing-faq.html>

Oddly enough, neither of those pages mention *any* patent numbers.

Also, the top URL says that only decoders that are exactly compliant
with their standards are covered by the patent. I doubt freeamp
is exactly compliant :)

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