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Re: tcpd with xinetd

--On Sat, Jul 4, 1998 4:38 pm -0400 "Norbert Veber" <nveber@vtech.ddns.org>

>> Now, how can I allow access from *.utwente.nl to my host? Or from *.nl?
>> I read the above paragraph, this is something xinetd can't do. With tcpd,
>> one can allow access from *.student.utwente.nl while denying access from
>> the rest of *.utwente.nl, with only two (obvious) lines. In xinetd.conf,
>> this would be a lot more difficult since *.utwente.nl is -
>> and *.student.utwente.nl is -
>> And how would I allow access to a particular service from *.nl while
>> denying access to that server from the rest of the world? This may seem
>> senseless, but AFAIK it's something xinetd can not easily do.
> Ahh you are right, I guess I should have read the whole thing before
> that :)  What you can do is do ip matching, ie ionline.net is 207.6.175.x
> if you want to deny/allow access to ionline.net, you would put
> ni xinetd.conf.  It does say that hostnames are supported, but doesnt say
> anything about using wildcards, *.ionline.net probably would not work. 
> can probably be done with /etc/networks, but this is undocumented for the
> moment.

Just to clear up that little point -

What you are describing could not be done with /etc/networks, which is about
IP networks - i.e. things like 207.6.175.*, not domain masks.


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