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Re: SLINK goals (was Re: login and pam)

> > > I don't know if this issue has been discussed, but I would like to
> > > know, if there will be support of pam (plugable authentication
> > > modules) in login.
> > 
> > I believe we shall be putting PAM back in as our auth infrastructure
> > for Debian 2.1.  AFAIK, we backed out of PAM in mid (?) 1997 because
> > it was not stable (?),
> No, it had nothing to do with stability, it was simply because
> adapting shadow et. al. to PAM and adequately testing the result was
> not feasible given the timescale we had for releasing hamm.

My $.02 as ISP running relatively complex user services, 
PAM and shadow BOTH are a basic requirement.  Not a nice
thing to have, but a MUST have.  I've had both in place for
nearly a year and there is no going back.  And yes, the 
current netstd source package doesn't seem too accomodating.  




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