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Re: apt as dftp replacement ?

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@earthlink.net> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 03, 1998 at 10:16:43AM +0200, fog@irfmn.mnegri.it wrote:
> > > Sorry, I'm too lazy to work through all of apt, perhaps somebody else has
> > > tried this: Is it possible to use apt as replacement for dftp's offline
> > > feature ?

> > If this option is not in apt (and I think it isn't there), please
> > add it. A lot of people like me with slow home connections and fast
> > work ones really need it. Ciao,
> I don't know how dftp works, however apt can use a local mirror so it can
> probably make use of something kinda like this now.

I thought the question was something else.  Perhaps I can rephrase.

Can I use apt to check the status of packages and inform me of what
packages should be upgraded?  It might look like

 apt-get update
 apt-get --list-only upgrade > home_machine_packages_needed

I then go to the office and use the home_machine_packages_needed file
to write a zip disk that has exactly those packages.  I return home
with that zip disk, put it in the machine and run
 dpkg -i /zip/*.deb

Well, maybe I will still want to use apt in some way to install the
packages because apt seems to be very smart about package ordering and
all that.

The basic idea is that I want to know what should be upgraded without
actually doing the downloading of some relatively large .deb files.  I
can easily pick them up the next day at the office and put them on
removable media.

I would prefer not to have to make the zip disk file structure look
like an abbreviated mirror.

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