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Dynamic ip (was: Re: apt: Uses bogus ftp password on ftp:// urls)

On 30-Jun-98 Rob Browning wrote:
> Florian Hinzmann <f.hinzmann@public.uni-hamburg.de> writes:
>> The problem with my hostname is: I don't have one. ;)
>> I only get dynamic ip numbers when dialing up. 
>> IMHO there is a big lack of support for dynamic ip 
>> in many programs. I try to figure out how to set
>> up my Linux box with dynamic ip correctly, but there 
>> seems to be no official, no right way to do it.
> Same here.  If you have a network card installed and "ifconfiged"
> (even if you don't use it for anything), it makes life a little
> easier.  I ended up installing bind in a forwarding config (since via

Well. I have a card installed, too, and sometimes even use it. ;)
There is an ethernet cable connecting my room with the room of
my fellow occupant.
I have set up my own nameserver, authoritative for my private
domain lan.local with private net and caching for the
rest of the world. The biggest problem that remains is sendmail.
I had some discussion about that with their mail address for
questions (sendmail@sendmail.org), but wasn't able to solve
my problems yet (I didn't spend much time trying the last 
weeks, either).
The goal I did not manage to archive yet is: I send mail 
locally, it gets queued by sendmail and when I dialup
to my ISP it gets sent out _and_ not rejected by some
mailer outside with a very restrictive setup, which
detects some "pumuckl" or "lan.local" things in the header
and sends my mail back. Back to pumuckl.lan.local where it
never arrives.  <sigh>
But now I'm really off topic as my subject represents.

> Hmm, I have no domain name according to this, not even on the machines
> I have on campus that have "real" connections.

Most machines I have seen, connected or not, don't have that value set.

> What does "hostname --fqdn" tell you?

Whatever I put in /etc/hosts, right now:

fh@pumuckl:~$ hostname --fqdn
fh@pumuckl:~$ hostname       

As I said: I am testing different setups and hope I am able
to get this thing running with dynamic ip as smoothly as
boxes with fixed addresses.


  Florian Hinzmann               f.hinzmann@public.uni-hamburg.de
NEW PGP-Key fingerprint: DD 61 74 34 04 FB 8A BD  43 54 83 38 0C 82 EF B1

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