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Re: A project to provide a nicer GUI for installing debian ?

"Geoff Brimhall" <gbrimhall@Rational.Com> writes:

   If not, since this is linux and if a person states a wishlist, this =
   usually implies a nomination to get it going, I was wondering if the =
   X-vga16 driver could be kicked up automatically from the boot kernel =
   that comes with the boot disks. I *think* (I'm not sure about this =
   though, so any comments appreciated) this would allow building a =
   gtk-statically-linked install program that could have cooler graphics, =
   and hopefully be more automated.

   All this to allow a non-technical person to install linux, aka my =
   mother. (I figure non-technical mother's are probably the best test =
   group to see if a product is easy enough to install).

But why is a GUI any easier to use than the GUI-like TUI that we have
right now?  And you'd have a hard time getting that to work with
monochrome monitors or mouseless machines or machines with weird mouse
interfaces (i.e., MS InPort Mouse).

But if you're going to develop it, more power to you.

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