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Upgrading with apt-get

     After upgrading with cd_autoup.sh last night, I rebuilt the bo
partition and ran an upgrade with apt-get.

     I had made a simulated CD with symlinks to my local mirror for
the script tests, but apt didn't like it - first because it wasn't an
absolute path, then because there were too many symlinks.  I could not
get it to run with deb file:/cd stable hamm, but it would run with 
deb file:/cd/debian stable hamm.

       apt-get update reported one mis-configured package, so I ran
apt-get dist-upgrade.  It seemed to run fine for a long time, then
quit with the following:

Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process returned an error code
root:vc-1:/home/bob/test/hamm/autoup>Update-menus: Cannot remove lockfile /var/run/update-menus.pid

     There was no lockfile /var/run/update-menus.pid when I checked.

     This appears to be a dpkg problem, not an apt problem.  I don't
understand why the last part of the error message includes the
prompt.  I quit at this point, and will rebuild the test partition and
try it again later tonight, since I had forgotten to run script last
night.   I didn't expect apt to quit on one dpkg error - is this the
normal behavior?  In such a case, would the best procedure be to re-run
apt-get dist-upgrade?

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