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Re: premature closing of bugs

In article <19980622141635.A25718@wiggy.ml.org> you wrote:

: I was looking at the list of release-critical bugs and noticed some bugs
: were closed. A lot of those closed bugs are for packages that are still
: sitting in Incoming. I would like to remind people that you have to wait
: with closing a bug until the fixed package is installed. Closing a bug
: before that moment creates the illusion that release-critical bugs are
: fixed in the distribution. And Incoming is not a part of the distribution..

While you are quite correct, I believe that the only reasonable fix for this 
problem is to complete the adoption and implementation of one of the 
mechanisms to cause the tools on master to close bugs indicated in the 
changes as being closed by a given upload.  

As a package maintainer, once I've fixed the bug in my source tree and
uploaded the fix, I really don't want to have to think about that bug again.
In the current system, that means that I almost always close bugs once I've
successfully completed the upload, rightly or wrongly.  Maybe I should be
re-assigning them to ftp.debian.org?  1/2 :-)


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