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Re: FIX FOR HAMM: timezone problem

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> This is very strange, as US/Central and CST6CDT are both links to
> Americal/Chicago in the 2.0.7 version that I am building for release
> today.
> The 2.0.7pre3 (which I have currently installed) seems to have these
> as separate files.
> Which version was the report logged against?

My timezones now says 2.0.7pre3-1.  However, the original report could 
very well have been with a previous version -- I don't watch the
upgrades on these things terribly closely.

> > Ok, fair enough.  I'm assuming you have the same program versions
> > installed as I do?  Do you have your hardware clock set to UTC or local
> > time?  (Someone said this is a red herring, but I'd like to know that
> > for certain).
> The important thing is, if the hardware clock is set to UTC, then the init
> script should set the GMT variable to "-u" (Possibly "--utc"?). If the
> hardware clock is set to Local Time, then GMT should be set to "".
> With these two issues properly sync'd things should work properly.
> Luck,
> Dwarf
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