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Re: joilet fs for official cdrom

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:

    >> The stock kernel mounts this CD (mount -t auto /dev/hdd cdrom)
    >> as joliet...  it /spits:
    >> The writer is installed on a machine running 2.1.103 (the
    >> support for my controller is better with 2.1.10x), but I used
    >> the CD to freshly install Debian on a couple of PC's and to
    >> upgrade my own computer.

    Andreas> great, good news. now i know, that the bug is only ins
    Andreas> some early versions of the joilet/fat32 extensions, and
    Andreas> with "-o nojoilet" you can work around.  recent kernels
    Andreas> like 2.1.* and 2.0.34 seem to be fine.

    Andreas> this message was realy helpfull, thank you !

Great! So will the official hamm CD images be jolietized? :)

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