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Re: just Dumb

Ray Kinsella <darksun@bocal.cs.univ-paris8.fr> writes:

> Er, 
> Hey all, I have a a few small problems,
> I was messing about today on irc.debian.org doling out tech support while
> playing around with apackage called Dumb it is a free Doom Graphics 
> engine. Anyway I got it to compile after some light source hacking and it
> works well under X.

> So I hear you say wonderful, send it on to us, we will have a look

> Now unfortunately, its not that simple, I can't can't maintain the package
> becos' my access to an Alpha Linux Box will shortly be coming to an end
> and also unfortunately ( even though I use debian at home ) I am restriced
> to RH5.0 on the box here so making a .deb could present a problem. 

If you have 1GB or so free and you have root access, you can install
Debian in a chrooted environment.


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