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Re: Port conflict ...bug?


On Sun, 7 Jun 1998, Joey Hess wrote:

> Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> > I would supose that it is not very common to run both xfs and xfstt on the
> > same machine (esp since xfstt currently only accepts 1 simultaneous 
> > connection --something I hope to change) but still...it could happen.
> I expect to continue using xfs if I ever get around to using xfstt.

The FAQ, sugests putting the Xfstt font server under the served fonts from
XFS. just embed the Xfstt, in the Xfs.

the relavant part of the FAQ is here.

        If you absolutely need to serve fonts to multiple other machines
        (they MUST have the same byte order as the font server) you
        should start xfstt on another port (e.g. xfstt --port 7101)
        and add unix/:7101 to the catalogue of the standard X11 font
        server xfs. Make sure you conform to the font licence when serving
        to multiple clients.

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